About Aideen Monaghan

My Work begins with drawing.  I use my sketchbook as a visual diary, a means of recording environments, emotions and experiences.  I am interested in the potential of visual art to change the ordinary into the extraordinary.  I like to play with elements which affect our aesthetic sensibilities.


My current work presents spontaneous snapshots of the everyday activities of my family.  I capture scenes of children playing in my oil paintings. The drawings and paintings depict the transient moments of childhood.  The children are oblivious to me as they amuse themselves at the beach and in the playground. This informality gives the artwork a sensitive atmosphere.


The gift of beauty can be found in unlikely places and is subjective to the viewer.  Through my art, I attempt to discover that beauty, mystery and vitality which is hidden or which we choose to ignore.  The transformative power of art, it’s ability to make the invisible visible, is a source of inspiration to me.



  • Joint Winner, R.D.S. Taylor Award for Fine Art, 2000
  • Winner, Revenue Commissioners Purchase Prize, 2000.
  • Galway Co. Council Arts Bursary, 2004.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Belmont House, N.U.I.G. Art Gallery, Galway,  2018.
  • Farnham Galleries, Simpson College,  Indiana, Iowa 2016.
  • Antons Cafe, Galway 2012.

Group Exhibitions

  • Cairde Visual Exhibition, Model Arts Centre, Sligo, 2019.
  • Invited Artist, Shorelines Art Festival, Co. Galway, 2015.
  • 126 Group Exhibition, Galway, 2012.
  • Celtic Shore Arts Festival, Galway, 2011.
  • Lorient, France, 2006
  • City Hall, Galway, 2005.
  • R.D.S. Taylor Awards Exhibition, Dublin and Galway, 2001.
  • R.D.S. Taylor Awards Exhibition, Dublin 2000.
  • L.S.A.D. Degree Exhibition, Limerick, 2000.
  • L.S.A.D. Diploma Exhibition, Limerick, 1998.
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