Landscape Painting and Drawing

I am very fortunate to live in Co. Galway in the West of Ireland. This environment is a source of inspiration for my landscape painting and drawing.  I am fascinated by the mark of humanity on the landscape. People colonise the land, build structures and impose patterns by constructing stone walls to define their territories. These unique dry stone walls stretch and settle across the countryside.  They are in turn weathered and reclaimed by elements, wind, rain, moss, ivy, hawthorn.

Trees and  hedgerows are documented in my sketchbooks and landscape paintings. I observe the unique contours and forms of each tree trunk, branch and twig as they grow towards the sun.  The hedgerows near my home display a rich variety of textures and colours.  They are thin slices of wilderness providing shelter and food for insects and animals.

The remains of historic buildings which dot the landscape remind me of the generations who have lived and died on the land before me.  Once grand aristocratic houses are made ruins by nature. The rain turns an iron gate into a rusty carcass. A farmyard where riders, horses and hounds once gathered to hunt is now a place to store auld bangers (cars), for spare parts. I work quickly with a variety of media, pencil, ink, watercolour, charcoal.  I try to give a sense of the atmosphere and essence of the environment rather than a detailed photorealistic account. My sketchbooks are the repository for this and the imagery within is often developed into larger scale landscape painting and drawing.