Floral Studies

Flowers are an attractive and fascinating subject matter for me.  I  explore their textures, colours and forms through the medium of oil painting, watercolour and mixed media.  My mother is an avid gardener and gave me an appreciation of flowers, shrubs and trees from an early age.

I enjoy describing their beauty and unique forms.  The variety of flowers I have painted allows me to be more versatile in my application of paint when painting.  I build texture using pallette knife or by thinning paint to an inky consistency.  I  draw and paint flowers ‘live’ and try to grow as many as I can in my garden to study.

I am also interested in the biological importance of flowers and their role in pollination. Using sketchbooks,  I have studied and recorded the journey of our cherry and apple trees from budding in early spring through to flowering and fruit in late summer. Flowers and gardens are ephemeral; one moment the sun is shining and they are in full flower, while in the next instant a shower of rain arrives and flowers droop and wilt.  Creating art using the flower as a starting point allows me to capture a moment in my garden, a moment of growth or decay. Last years’ autumn leaves will eventually provide food for future plants. Flowers and gardens are a perfect example of Einstein’s theory that “energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form into another”.